See what a few of my clients are saying.

“I have been going to Josh weekly for over 10 years now, and am always struck by his constant expertise, professionalism, and caring. He invariably knows when something is amiss and how to address it promptly and effectively. Attentive to a neurological disorder I have, he has made necessary adjustments in his treatment that clearly work to my benefit. I’m indeed grateful to have Josh as my massage therapist.”

– Eric F, Centerville, OH

“I am so glad a friend recommended Josh to me! Besides the relaxation from a massage, Josh raises the bar to provide true relief from muscle issues and sciatica. Josh is in tune with how the muscles function and where the trigger points are to give immense relief from muscle and nerve pain. At each visit, he assesses my particular issues and addresses them accordingly. For me, that means each visit requires a different approach because of my changing situation. All I can say is ‘What would I do without you, Josh!'”

– Bonnie W, Oakwood, OH

“What sets Josh apart from other local massage therapists is his ability to adapt the massage to rectify whatever problems my muscles are experiencing that day. Rather than a by rote massage, he gives an individualized treatment that always leaves me feeling energized and in much less pain than I was in when I arrived. Often he fixes issues I wasn’t even aware of until I left without the soreness/tension of that specific muscle group. I highly recommend him.”

– Bruce B, Dayton, OH

“I have been getting a monthly massage from Josh for years. I can still remember living with back and muscle pain every day, but not anymore. When I leave my appointment, I am already looking forward to my next!”

– John P, Dayton, OH

“Josh provides a great massage experience. He intuitively finds where your muscles need attention and relieves your tension. I’ve been a client for years and plan to stay that way!”

– Shane S, Columbus, OH

“Josh’s friendly personality along with his ability to give a deep massage makes my time with him very relaxing. He seems to have the ability to know just where the tension is and how to work it out completely. By far the best massage therapist I have ever had.”

– Ben O, Beavercreek, OH

“I have enjoyed the services of several LMTs and massage therapists in the area. But for my money, there is none better than the professional massages I have received from Josh. He has a great setup for enjoying a very relaxing and therapeutic massage. His skills are second to none and he takes the time to truly read your body and find those areas that need special attention. I enjoy immediate relief and days of relaxation afterward.”

– Eric N, Dayton, OH

“I have tried numerous LMTs over the years, and all of them say they are the best; Josh is! He has a technique that makes you feel relaxed while you are in his care, and refreshed when you leave his office. He always pays attention to your special needs and problems. It is well worth the drive from Cincinnati.”

– Richard B, Cincinnati, OH

“I have been using Josh as my massage therapist for many years now. I worked in the auto manufacturing business for 20 years, and I know what aches and pains are. Josh has always found them through his intense massages, and after my session is over with I feel like a new man! Trust me, as many of you know, there are a lot of so-called massage therapists in the Dayton area, and I have tried most of them, but NONE of them can compare to Josh. I highly recommend him!”

– Bill M, Springfield, OH

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